My Wedding

I am back!  It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  As my wedding approached, things got so crazy.  I still can’t believe we got everything done in time!  I might have taken on one too many projects.   But so is the life of a Graphic Designer when she plans a big party.  I will slowly but surely get back to posting on a regular basis as we have not gone on our honeymoon yet.  Also I have decided to only tweet from @cutthecakeetsy as it is too overwhelming to have more than one account.  I hope you will follow me (!/CutTheCakeEtsy).   I appreciate your patience and friendship!

I am so excited to share some of our wedding photos with you!   Our amazing photographer Todd of Come Together Studios shared these with us yesterday.  Enjoy.  Please comment… I’d love to hear what you think!

Tara & Christopher from Come Together Studios on Vimeo.

Chris & my daughter Madalyn

Love this last picture.  Chris and I have know each other since 6th grade.  He was my first “boyfriend”.  We are three days apart and went to high school together.  This pic is the Class of 94.  So fun!

Just a sneak peak I will definitely share more.  I will also share all of the details…  all the diy’s, vendors, etsy love, etc.


Beautiful Backyard Wedding

I am so excited to share with you November Seven’s 1st Real Wedding!  This wedding is one of my favs (as of late).  As some of you may know I am marrying my very 1st “boyfriend” from 7th grade this May.  We are having a fairly large wedding so a backyard wedding just isn’t possible.  But I secretly would scratch all of my hard work and months of planning for a wedding like this.  Please don’t tell our families.

Where to begin… well let’s start with the amazing photography by Tec Petaja.  I love all the attention to detail.  If you love twinkly lights & fireflies you are going to fall in love with Penelope & Williams wedding just as I instantly did.  Oh and there are pies!

To see more of  Tec Petaja’s work click here.