Pinterest Party – Dreaming of Mexico



Honeymoon here we come!

Since we had to travel and take days off for the wedding, we postponed the Honeymoon for a month. We have spent the last several months changing our minds on where to go.  Ideally we would have like to have gone to London and Italy but do to lack of vacation days, we had to postpone that trip.  We having going back and forth between Mexico & Napa, California.  So…. Mexico won.  It just sounds so much more relaxing to stay at an All Inclusive Resort on the Beach.  Neither of us have been to Mexico so we are pretty excited!  I have spent lots of hours researching where to go and where to stay.  I highly recommend tripadvisor.    The site offers lots of helpful reviews and searches plenty of sites for deals.  We have decided to stay at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen.  A little nervous about the transportation to and from the airport in Mexico :)

I will definitely share more photos and details when we return!   Still waiting on the rest of our wedding photos.  Will share those as well.

Have you been to Playa Del Carmen?  If you have, we’d love suggestions on day trips, activities, restaurants, etc.  Please comment.