Wedding Budget – Stick To It

So you just got engaged and you can’t stop staring at your ring, your getting tons of texts and emails from family and friend congratulating you and you may have already found the perfect dress online.  So after you plan a trip to try on that dress with your besties you should sit down and work out your budget.  Not the funnest part of planning but it is the most important.  I strongly recommend you do this with your fiance.  You should be on the same page as far as the money goes.  You should always be on this same page so this is a great place to start (if you haven’t already).  Once you’ve worked out a budget, keep it handy and update it often.  It is so satisfying when you pencil in the actual amount spent on your favors and find that it was less than what you budgeted!  Here are some links to some printer friendly budgets.

Real Simple  |  Easy Budget  |  Wedding Favours Budget  |

 The Bride and Groom  |  My Wedding Budget

image {source}  

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