Trend Alert | Bangs

So are you a fan?  Do have bangs?  Can you pull it off?  I cannot!  I think that is why I am not crazy about bangs.  I kind of like “sweeping bangs” but not a fan of the new bangs trend.  You know… the long, choppy, your hair looks crazy, my friend had those in 3rd grade bangs.

the good….

nicole, reece, liv

the bad…

rose, zooey

I am not even going to post any “ugly”, I had a hard enough time typing “bad”.  Rose Byrne & Zooey Deschanel are 2 of my favs and I think they are stunning.  But really hate the bangs.

So what do you think?  Am I so wrong?

7 thoughts on “Trend Alert | Bangs

  1. I love bangs, but I think we love what we look good in. I also strongly dislike green and yellow because I look pretty awful in those colors, so I’m biased against those colors. I think bangs are cute and young and hide a myriad of faults.

  2. Bangs are like short, boy cuts on girls. Only a few can pull them off but when they can I think they look stunning! Think Halle, can you imagine her with long flowing hair? I love Zooey with bangs but I am convinced that she’d look cute no matter what.

  3. I used to have side-swept bangs, then grew them out, but am debating cutting them again – I just feel like my hair has more style with them, but it totally depends on your face and the type of hair you have – some people look better with them, and some definitely don’t.

  4. I like bangs and as others have said, only a few can pull them off well, although I’m not a fan of the blunt cut bangs. I have very short hair but it’s not for everyone either. You really have to know what works for you.

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