Day 3 of the Party and Prizes

I am beyond excited to tell you about today’s giveaway. Swank Underpinnings will be giving 1 of November Seven’s readers a CUSTOM slip, petticoat or crinoline!  How awesome is that!  Her stuff is gorgeous.   All vintage-inspired petticoats, crinolines & accessories are handmade with attention to detail, style, and comfort.

To ENTER just leave a comment telling us which is your favorite piece from Swank Underpinnings & what you will ask Ann to make you if you are the lucky winner.  We will accepting entries all week and will announce the winner on Monday, January 31st.

15 thoughts on “Day 3 of the Party and Prizes

  1. I would love to win the “Here Comes The Bride – Long A-line Tulle Petticoat” in yellow for under my wedding dress. My colors are yellow and pewter so having that pop of yellow under my dress would be super cute and make for some fun pictures (especially when I do the garter toss!)

  2. I would LOVE to have the 3 Tier Lolita Petticoat – Black…I have so many skirts that this would just look perfect with…such a flirty feminine addition to my closet!! Great giveaway!

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  4. I love these sooo much! If I had to choose I would really want something bright and fun. I’m thinking hot pink or bright yellow to go under a fifties style party dress.

  5. I love the Here Comes The Bride – Long A-line Tulle Petticoat. I think I’d want it (or something very very similar) in some shade of blue. I love the one in the pic. Blue has always been my favorite color (and my mom’s) and I love the idea of wearing it under my white dress :)

  6. I just love your shop Ann!! I would want a crinoline with 50s colored pink and blue tulle so I could use it for my photos with my vintage frocks on Etsy!! It would look just adorable.
    What a beautiful blogspot this is. The heading alone makes you want to keep looking!! Thank you, Michaelann

  7. I absolutely NEED the Classic 50’s 3-tier tulle crinoline in my life because it is perfect and beautiful. I would get in in lavender to go under my lacy vintage dress. It would be the perfect finishing touch!

  8. I’ve been with my now fiance for 3 years now, and we’ve always talked about getting married since we first stared dating. Since about 6 months into the relationship I would search online for ideas for what I want. Right now I’m looking into a rockabilly wedding, with a peacock theme. I’ve always known I want a lot of colour, and seeing your work has always made me think that this is what I need. About a month ago, we got engaged! And on the front page of my wedding binder is a picture of your petticoats! In just over a year, July 2012 I’m going to be going down the aisle, and I know that I’m going to be wearing one of these, as well as my wedding party.

    I am very excited about it, and can’t wait for when I get to order from you!
    If I were to win, I would get a 4 tiered, 22″ Petticoat with four different colours for each layer. #4 #28 #12 #23 and finished with white ribbon.
    My 5 girls are going to be getting matching colours, 1 each with 17″ 3 tiered.

    Even if I don’t win, you’ll be hearing from me soon for a large order! Get ready for it! xD

    • Thanks, Danielle! Thanks so much for sharing this little piece of your love story. I am inspired myself…and so honored to be a part of your inspiration!!

      Best of luck!

      ~Ann at Swank Underpinnings

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