Official Lauch Coming Soon. Until then….

I am working on the official launch of November Seven.  I am very excited about all the loveliness I have to share with you.  Real weddings & engagement photos, guest bloggers & amazing giveaways!  Until then I will share updates on my own shop & my wedding plans.  As you may know, I am also the Owner/Designer of Cut the Cake Designs.  I create modern Wedding Guest Books, among other fun things.  I also create Address Card Files, Recipe Boxes, Baby Memory Boxes, Wedding Stationery, Bridal Shower Sets, etc.

I have been wanting to make an Address Card File using a new box.  When I came across this box I knew I had to do something pretty with it.  I love how the brown craft paper looks with the white cotton box.  It’s a great little place to store all the business cards I’ve collected.

One thought on “Official Lauch Coming Soon. Until then….

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